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It is known for its reliability, easy maintenance and stamina to get any job. This engine will easily go 1, miles before major overhaul. Our brand new CAT Engines have improved the original design to achieve more horsepower, better torque and fuel economy.

The engines are built with all brand new parts, exactly to OEM specifications and come with an industry leading warranty.

CATERPILLAR 3114, 3116, 3126 engine specifications and manuals

Our complete engines also known as extended longblocks come with most everything you need to drop into your applications.

Our complete engines include:. Ask any old time trucker about the CAT and they will all tell you the same thing: the old girl is reliable.

The Caterpillar Engine remains one of the best designed and dependable engines Caterpillar ever produced. The engine is a The engine was first manufactured in the early s replacing the older and models. The CAT was first widely used in the CAT Excavator in and was manufactured all the way up until the late s when emissions technology changed.

The CAT are known to be for their reliability due to the uncomplicated design.

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The earlier versions were equipped with the precombustion chambers and later replaced with direct injection. The newer left hand scroll fuel system are also very reliable versus the older sleeve metering fuel systems. The original models averaged much lower horsepower ratings between — hp with most later models maybe getting hp on a good day.

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The original indirect injection engines average 8 — 11 gallons of diesel fuel per hour but modern direct injection CAT s average much better GPH ratings. The engine was installed in in a lot of D6 and D7 Dozers, 12G, 14G and G Motorgraders but is also found in everything from rollers, scrapers, excavators, dump trucks, cement mixers, gensetsfront end loader and industrial pumps.

Back in the s and s the engine was installed in all of the major truck manufacturers such as Peterbuilt, Kenworth and Freightliner. Those engines would have never made the cut today as much more powerful engines are installed in Class 8 Over-the-Road Vehicles. The engine is also found in a lot of vocational trucks, step vans, delivery vehicles and bread trucks.The CAT is still being factory made for the OEM and aftermarket market even though it is no longer mass-produced for new equipment.

The engine is still popular because it of its reliabilityease of use and straightforward maintenance schedule. Hopefully, this information will be able to help you diagnose some common engine starting issues with the Caterpillar Used forced air to check for minute leaks in the line. The fuel lines could be in fine working order but simply be dirty or clogged. Clean or replace the fuel lines if necessary. It is recommended to simply replace dirty fuel filters.

If the fuel pressure is less than 3 psi it is necessary to change the fuel filter element. If that does not change the pressure look for air in the fuel system also known as cavitation. If none of those things solve the problem check the fuel transfer pump for issues or replace the entire pump.

If the alternator gives no charge check these four areas:. Inspect the drive belt and make sure there is the correct tension and position. Inspect all cable and connections if there is a defect in the charging ground return circuit. Also check the battery connections for proper installation. Clean and tighten all connections as needed. If the brushes are broken or missing replace as needed.

If the rotor field coil has a defect replace with a new rotor vs. These are notoriously finicky to repair correctly and it is best to just replace with a new rotor. Prime the fuel system and try the start the engine. Re-prime the tank and start again. Diesel fuel refined today is not the same quality that the CAT was originally designed to run on. Prior to crude oil was refined using a chemical process called distillation. The distillation process created a fuel that was chemically stable and resisted breaking down.

Since the advent of Ultra low Sulphur Diesel ULSD the process to produce fuel changed to hydrocracking and hydrodesulfurization which makes the fuel much less stable. Fuel degradation is much more common these days with older equipment which never encountered the problem prior. All diesel fuel will eventually break down if it sits long enough. If the fuel is bad remove the fuel from the tank and install a new fuel filter element.

Replace the fuel with a good grade of diesel fuel in the fuel tank.

Cat Engine Won't Start Troubleshooting. Diesel Engine Crank No Start.

It is also advised to use fuel additives to prevent against fuel breakdown and clean out engine sludge. For example a Caterpillar B requires a 6V timing pin which is inserted into the fuel system.

Once the fuel system cover is removed insert the timing pin into the small camshaft in the fuel system. After the pin is inserted you then need to remove the pipe plug in the flywheel housing. This bolt will assure the engine is properly centered. After confirming the engine is top dead center remove the valve cover and make sure the rocker arms are properly aligned with cylinder head number one.

If the rockers are not top dead center check cylinder head number six. If this sound can be heard and the engine will not start, remove the solenoid completely.Capital Reman Exchange is a nationally recognized remanufacturer of the Caterpillar We love building this engine because of the uncomplicated nature of internal parts including the camshaft, cylinder heads and crankshaft design.

The crankshaft journals for example are engineered to easily accommodate repairs at the bushings. The early model CAT engine had some problems including lower grade engineered cylinder heads and injector problems. That being said Caterpillar fixed many of the issues with the around and subsequently with the Caterpillar model. The CAT rebuild is something we have done hundreds of times and we have gotten quite good a knowing the nuisances of the engine.

The Caterpillar engine has been a workhorse in the Caterpillar line since the mid s and been installed in everything from skid loaders, dozers, backhoe loaders, compactors, excavators, harvesters, highwall miners, asphalt pavers, wheel loaders, on-road vehicles, marine applications and forestry equipment. The Caterpillar engine is built for pulling power. Click the picture of spec sheet below to see the entire CAT spec sheet.

Our remanufactured Caterpillar engines are completely remanufactured from the ground up to your specific serial number. This differs than refurbished Cat engines in the sense that the engine is made like brand new. The engine is completely torn down, examined and tested for wear and then remanufactured using brand new components. This includes but not limited to the main internal components such as the block, cylinder heads, camshaft, crankshaft, rockers assemblies and pistons.

Fuel systems, oil and water pumps as well as turbos and any DPF or exhaust components are usually assembled as new depending on condition.

CAT 3114, 3316, 3126 Industrial EPG Diesel Engines Operation & Maintenance Manual

We then remanufacture all of the internal components to OEM specifications using genuine Caterpillar parts or aftermarket parts, whichever you prefer. No component is used or refurbished we are simply remanufacturing your engine in our shop. A refurbished Caterpillar would torn down, cleaned internally and externally, inspected to meet original OEM standards.

If the parts are still in good running condition it is tagged as refurbished. In some instances only a few engine components need to be remanufactured, the rest of the parts are in fine condition and are re-used.

cat 3316 engine

We have 28 partner relationships with salvage yards, truck repair and breakdown facilities and scrap yards all across the country and Canada. Our network software allows us to see in real time what the real time inventory of used CAT engines are on the open market at any given time.

Used engines are still in very good working condition most of them containing less thanmiles. Our policy at Capital Reman is to only buy used engines for our inventory if they meet our strict quality assurance criteria. The engines must have a clear and trackable maintenance history, accident and overhaul history, have the oil and fuel pressure checked as well as dyno run-tested for horsepower and torque accuracy. We are also a source for a variety of used Caterpillar engines.Discussion in ' Trucks ' started by John WhiteNov 24, Log in or Sign up.

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Thanks for joining us and I hope you enjoy your stay!! Welcome to HeavyEquipmentForums. Differance in cat and ?? I have a GMC C with a cat and have a chance to purchase a truck a couple years newer with a Is there much difference in power?

Is the a better engine? How many miles till overhaul? My is slow on hills. How does it compare to a International DT ? John WhiteNov 24, I have a in a C Cat loader that is excellent,, and I have a B in a larger service truck that I have had some problems with, long story short- I will never own another B The is mechanical, 6.

The is electronic, 7. Judging mostly from what I've heard, this might be an engine family where "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know". DelmerNov 24, Had to replace all injectors first at 50K miles. Then the problems started- had several high pressure oil lines blow, when one blows it pumps a lot of crankcase oil all over the engine and then shuts itself down due to low oil sensor.

Then you call a tow truck or get your lowboy and get her back to the shop and figure out what oil line it isafter a hot powerwash to remove the oil mess. I have went 2- years now without a blowout, but have replaced many, if not all, high pressure lines too. Me or the Cat dealer, still do not know why or what caused the problems.

cat 3316 engine

One thing is for sure that B engine does not like dirty engine oil, I change it every miles and everything seems to work better. And lastly, Yes, get your checkbook ready after a visit to the Cat shop. Last edited: Nov 25, Delmer, you hit the nail on the head on that.

cat 3316 engine

Joined: Jan 2, Messages: 2, Location: Australia. The designation and refers to the liters-per-cylinder, ie 1.Technical details, spec sheets, user manuals Entry-level engine, with its 4 cylinders in line, a displacement of 7 liters, this strong little engine gives 85 Hp to Hp, from rpm to rpm. It is still produced but no longer meets the European standards regarding pollution. With a displacement of 6 liters, for 6 cylinders in line, he produces Hp to Hp, from rpm to rpm.

It is rather used in yachting, recreational use or intermediary professional use; it does not fit with intensive professional use. The Caterpillar has a special place in pleasure boats' sector as we find it on many units of less than 20 meters. Very important model in the professional range, with its 14,6 liters of displacement, this 6-cylinders in line gives a power of Hp to Hp at rpm.

Very common in Africa onboard pusher-barges or other professional vessels, the second-hand market is very active and the spare parts are still available. This new engine is intended for countries without restrictive anti-pollution regulations; due to its simple mechanical injection, it is very robust and maintenance is very simple. In order to satisfy many business needs, many chose the model as an ideal engine in its robustness and simplicity.

Marine diesel engine, inline 6-cylinders He's mainly used on generators and as industrial engines. Document Adobe Acrobat 1' Document Adobe Acrobat Faster engines, rotating between rpm and rpm, they are mainly used in yachting. Refit is also possible. Document Adobe Acrobat 1. Document Adobe Acrobat 4. Its high torque is very interesting for professional use, on transport boats mainly. Document Adobe Acrobat 2.

In a conventional technology where injection remains mechanical for an easy maintenance.Caterpillar Engines For Sale. Filter 4. Industry Truck Parts. Category Engines.

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Manufacturer Caterpillar. Model Save Search. Email Alert. Keyword Search. Truck Parts Engines Caterpillar New 7 Used Remanufactured Model Year.

Min Year - Max Year United States Select a country to view available states. Market Type. For Sale Shop by Specifications.

cat 3316 engine

Email Seller.View local price, availiablity and more. Shopping At. Save time and remove the hassle - enter your equipment information once and then save it for future use. Generally, warranty for parts purchased on Parts. Com is 12 months from the invoice date as defined in the Caterpillar Limited Warranty.

Parts Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship throughout the Warranty period once it has been installed. For complete Warranty detail contact your local Cat Dealer.

Hydraulic Cylinder Tube with Bearing. Contact Us about this item. Purchase of this product requires an additional deposit that is refundable when you return the old core to the selling Caterpillar dealer. The core deposit is refunded upon return of an acceptable core used part to your dealer. In order to qualify for a core deposit refund, the core must meet acceptance criteria. Core acceptance criteria may vary by product - please contact your dealer for full details.

This part is listed within the factory-build configurations for this serial range, however current configuration may affect it. This part is listed within the factory-build configurations for this serial number with the highest likelihood of a match, however current configuration may affect it. Product Comparison. The maximum number of products that can be compared is 4. Please refine your selection. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity.

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